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Manually unlocking door or someway to pop hood from outside


November 11, 2006
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2002 eddie bauer
I have an 04 explorer XLT. The alternator went on the car so I took it off and got a new one. The problem is the one they gave me was the wrong one. They had to order this one. I didnt hook the battery or anything back up. Now I can not get into my car because the key does not work in the door for some reason. I guess it is an electrical lock and not manual? I owned the car since new so I know the lock is the original in the door. Is there anyway to get in my car or to pop the hood from outside of th car? It looks like the hood release is going by the front left wheel well. If i take that off will I be able to pop the hood by yanking on it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is driving me nuts trying to get into it.

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Or does anyone know if it is possible to slim jim the door? I just tried using the slim jim but was not sucessful on any door.

I'm suprised the key didn't unlock the door, by chance is the truck a used one? Did you try the key in all the door locks, both front doors & hatch? I'm wonder if a. the ignition was changed out b.door cylinder changed out

Ive owned the truck since it was new. There is only one spot to unlock it and that is from the drivers side. It doesnt even feel like it is hooked to anything when turning the key in the lock. This has to be the stupidest design to not have another way into the car if your electrical system fails.

There are ways, but to prevent you from having to spend a few hundred in repairs, or from being electrocuted, they won't be mentioned. Your best bet is to call a tow service or locksmith.

You can call the police to open your doors. Some cities do it for free.

You can call the police to open your doors. Some cities do it for free.

Tow companies will do it too. some charge like 10 bucks but better than the good ole brick in the window haha

I really dont think there would be an electronic cylinder in the door for the key, that would be ridiculous, my taurus had it so if you turned the key once it unlocked the drivers door, then again would unlock all doors, and if you turned it to lock it, it would lock all doors, but it still worked w/o a battery, or dead batt.

As a last resort I have done this for my neighbor's Explorer. It was dead with the keys locked inside. I got underneath it and attached my battery charger to the positive lead going to the starter and you can attach the ground to any ground point. The positive lead back-feeds the entire electrical system. Do it long enough to enter in your door code. It have quite a few years of alarm/stereo install experience as well as wiring up new police cars so I knew this would work.