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Map Light Questions


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January 8, 2007
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2001 Explorer Sport
I tried replacing the bulbs in the overhead map lights on the roof console, and they do no look replaceable. Is there a way to change them out? The look like they are part of the flexible circuit board.

Puzzled here



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Map light fix

The bulbs ARE replaceable. They are 905 "push in" bulbs. Use a small flat blade screwdriver to remove the lens. The gray sockets unscrew and pull out. While firmly holding the base of the grey socket, pull the bulb out of the socket.

Installation is the reverse of the removal process.

Hope this helps you.

I just messed with my map lights tonight as well. I had the one facing the driver not working. I used a small flat screwdriver, and pulled the lens. The bulb/housing on mine twisted out. Then I looked close at the bulb, and it looked fine. I looked up in the Maplight where the bulb would go, and noticed the contact area on the housing looked to be burnt from heat. I put the bulb back in but didnt fully twist the bulb into place. The light works fine for me now. You may give that a try.

Map light overhead console

Hi been a long time reader but finally i joined this forum believe me its very helpful ,, i got a? About how the switch for the map lights work (because i press the lamp buttom for the driver side light and nothing happened but if i pressed the passenger side the light from the driver side came on) so i proceed to open it to find out that the flexible circuitry is broken..any ideas on where to get one or how to fix it. Mine st 05 with moonroof also leaking?? Thanks in advance..