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Map Lights?


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September 11, 2002
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Ontario Canada
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1995 XLT
Hi All,
Just a couple of quick questions to all you Explorer experts since I have only owned mine for a week.
In my 95 XLT does anyone know if the map lights come on with the door open? I know there is a switch on the upper console for the map lights but I was wondering if they were wired to the door?
I 'm still trying to figure out why they dont work but it looks like it will be in the printed circuit in the console that works the compass and temp as the wires for ground and power for the map lights head right in there. It is a bit of a bummer since my map lights are the only thing that does not work.
Finally does anyone know where and if the 1995 4.0 litre has a PCV or not? Thanks.

Your dome light and map should work seperately, dome should be only light on when door is open. As far as pcv, you should have one, this part of emissions and plays a large part in sucking out blow-by saving your gaskets from blowing out. Look on the valve cover in rear for a 1/2" or smaller hose coming out, On mine it is on the driver side, yours maybe a little different, if not there look on the intake.