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Map Lights


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September 11, 2002
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Ontario Canada
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1995 XLT
Well, after spending a few hours on these stupid map lights I finally came to a conclusion. It is the circuit board in the console creating my problem as I figured. Power is brought in from the fuse panel and "ground" is supplied via the printed circuit through the map light switches left and right. Oh well, I will have to wait and see if I can find a used one but I will price one at Ford for a good laugh.
I can not see any way the map lights will come on with the doors open.....unlike the dome lights which do.
There are no wires to make that happen.

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My map lights do not come on with the doors open. My dome light does which is under the same lense. If I open my door, the dome light comes on. If I push the button for my map light it gets a little brighter.

They come on in my '99 when a door is opened.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for the reply. Gee, I wonder if the 1995 limited is wired up differently??? I cannot see anyway for the map light bulb to come on with doors open..damm things never worked from day one. That is what is so fustrating. I have only owned her a week but trying to find out everything I can.

My maplight come on when the doors are opened on my '95 XLT.

OK, I just went out and removed my map light lense for the first time in the 5 years that I have owned it. The map lights and dome light uses the same bulbs. When I open my door, both map lights illuminate. If I close the door, the lights go out. If I push a map light buttin, the light for the button pressed will come on regardless of whether or not the door is open or closed.

Thanks for checking Robert!

I'm not sure if mine got wired wrong or what but I still cannot see any wires that would head to the door switch. I just have one ground coming from compass and temp module and power from main source. Oh well, I know I need a new circuit board to go any further.

Don't you have a wire(s) that control the dimming of the compas/temp display when the trucks lights are on?

Hi Al,

Yes, my compass and temp lights do dim with the headlights on. This would be accomplished thru that circuit board. I wish someone had a wiring diagram of this circuit to verify this.