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Mark's '93 XLT 4x4, Virginia

Specs Updated 06/02/2006

Mark Whitley
Windsor/Suffolk, VA

Been a member for a while, but just got my Explorer this past March. Specs on the X are listed below. My other ride and DD is a '96 Sierra street truck.


[highlight]Tires & Wheels[/highlight]
33x12.50 ProComp M/Ts
15x8 Series 97, 3.75" BS

[highlight]Front Suspension[/highlight]
6" Skyjacker Class II w/ extended radius arms
F150 coil seats
ProComp extended brakelines
ProComp 9000 shocks
Factory swaybar w/extended endlinks

[highlight]Rear Suspension[/highlight]
4" Superlift leaf springs
2" Warrior Shackles
ProComp extended brakelines
ProComp 9000 shocks
No rear swaybar

[highlight]Front Axle[/highlight]
4.10 Ford Motorsport gears
Quick-Lok locker
Warn manual hubs

[highlight]Rear Axle[/highlight]
4.10 Yukon gears
Trick Flow 8.8 girdle

[highlight]To be installed shortly[/highlight]
rear Aussie locker
Rear bumper w/tire carrier/can mount

More pics in my Sig link
When I first got it...


Pics below were taken this past weekend at Sherando, VA in the GWNF. The gravel road is FDR 42 (Coal Rd.) The trail is FDR 162 (Stony Run Trail) The 2nd Gen is my brother, Matt97 on the site. Hope these pics aren't too big.. If they are, I'll be back to edit them...




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pictures are perfect size. Glad to see another VA person. Nice Explorer -- looks like it'll have a few good projects soon. Keep us updated.


Yeah thats nice looking. Goodluck.

Looks good. Your plans for the truck sound great and well thought out.

Dont forget the 2' Bodylift, cuss the 3" is kinda a pain

Thanks for the compliments. I got the X mainly for long trips and offroading... which go together since theres no good place local to wheel. I love it so far. Its done good offroad for being stock with open diffs and 235s. Been getting 19-20 mpg around town and over 22 hwy in mountains at 70mph... makes me hate to mod it, but I guess thats the price you pay for a capable offroad rig.

I've been kicking around the idea of a bodylift. Long term plans are for a 5.5 superlift or skyjacker, can't remember who makes what... and 33's. I'd rather stay away from a BL but wouldn't mind a 1" for a little extra body clearance... not sure on a 2" right now and definately don't want a 3".

Keep the suggestions coming...

Yeah, the 3" is crap. Don't do that. Superlift and Skyjacker are brands. Superlift makes the 5.5, Skyjacker the 6". Skyjacker is a little higher quality but harder to find.

F150 spacers... Warrior shackles... DONE! Raised the front end a full 2". Front fenders are at 34.5" on stock 235's. Probably order 31's and rockcrawlers this week.



Wow, that looks like a lot of lift on the front. Might want to AAL's in addition to the shackles to level it out. Looks good though!

May 12, 2006 Update Teaser... :p


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I've been busy...


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*****in dude, now its your turn to get real dirty with us. I should be ready by mid june to hit it up again.

Looks badass.

Thanks, I'm loving it! I'm ready to take it out on the trail, get it dirty and see how much flex I have. This setup is very soft, particularly the superlift leafs.

Have an Aussie locker and Trick Flow girdle sitting here ready to install this weekend. I'm ready to throw down.

Looks awsome dude! glad to see you you got it all done!
I need to work on my extended arms before I go to crozet...any helpers????

Lance, what are you doing for extended arms?

I have a set of superlift arms and brackets...just need to get around to putting them on...I have been out of town since the end of April so right now I am just wrapping up a few lose ends at work then I am on leave for the rest of this month and will be getting those arms installed...anyone want to help??? Chris? Mark?

Mark, I see you left the F150 coil seats in there with the 6" you have any problems aligning it as far as camber goes? Right now I have the 4" springs with the F150 Seats, and before I got it aligned again I actually had negative camber, but I was worried that if I went to 6" springs with the coils seats I would have too much positive camber to be able to adjust for (I already have 3 degree camber kits on both front wheels)

have you thought of going SOA with the stock springs?

I'm contemplating going SOA with stockers. I did the 4" springs b/c it was an easy bolt-on. Don't know anyone with a welder to do the perches and shock mounts, I hate having to take it to someone else to do work.

My tire carrier/bumper should be here tommorrow, try to get that on this weekend. I have a feeling its gonna make the rear sag alot. If it does then I'll likely go SOA.

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Mark, Chris, I got my Radius Arms on today...goin in to Bert's Allingment on Tuesday...
WOW!!! WHat a job... I started this morning at 9 and just finished cleaning up my garage...