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"Martha" My 1996 Eddie Bauer AWD V8 Explorer

So, lets start at the top, on June 23, 2011, at about 1pm I bought my 1996 Eddie Bauer Edition V8 AWD Ford Explorer, which to be honest I really didn't want, What I really wanted was a 4x4 V8 pickup truck, but I settled for The Explorer because it was in my price range, and it seemed like a good buy.

This is the Day before I bought it...

It had about 152,x.. miles on it, and I paid $2600 out the door for it.

I am fairly certain the DAY OF buying the Explorer I joined this site!!!

About a week later the Alternator gave up the ghost, so it sort of gave me a bad taste in my mouth. Regardless I went here found out how to replace it and fixed my truck, YAY ME!

it took me a solid week to clean it up to my liking, but when it was done I could for sure see the potential.

After cleaning it up, I did find a lot of things I didn't like, such as the gangster lean, the fact that my rear shocks where made of 99% rust, my shackles where had more holes then swiss cheese, it needed tint, new seats, and a face lift.

To be continued in next post....

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So after the Alternator died, I drove for about 2 weeks and the check engine light came on, I never knew because the truck was dead on the lot when I went to look at it, and I disconnected the battery multiple times without giving it enough time to run all the tests. Regardless it turned out to be a bad o2 Sensor, And it also happened to be the most annoying one to get out... had to go through the transmission tunnel it took about 4 hours with the help of my buddy, it's OK, I bought him a case of beer, lol.

The new Ford O2 sensor, if you going to do it do it right.

The most annoying part was taking the center console out TWICE!!! once to figure out I couldn't do it myself, and second at my buddies house.

and the mess we made... we worked until about 10:30 to get it all done...

After driving around for 2 week, I passed emissions!!!!!

The rest of the summer went by, and I really didn't do much until November, when I ordered new leaf springs, Spring perches, and shackles, All from ATS springs. I wanted the gangster lean gone, and this did it, super happy with the quality, and speed of shipping, I installed them at my dads good friend's house. Sorry, no pictures of that exciting event, it was for sure a good learning experience.

I proceeded in the spring to do front pads, new front shocks and new rear shocks, I cheeped out on the pads and front shocks, because both where really bad, but I could not afford the ones I wanted. As for the rear, I went with Sensatraks, with many suggestions from the forum here. I was super happy with all the new stuff, but still wanted more obviously

Doing brakes and shocks...

Shock comparison, New and hottness, old and busted...

that stance though, it settled after driving it for a few miles.

Also over the winter I had a lot of time to dream up ideas for things to do... and I stocked parts...

I did not cheap out at all either, A clean, good quality audio install is huge thing for me, so since it was my first one, and my truck, it had to be the best!!!!




More to come, but it's time for bed now, lol.

welcome and nice explorer


Nice ride!

Thanks guys, there is a ton more that I have done, but haven't had the time to post it yet. my next explorer is going to be better documented, and posted when it happened.