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mass air flow sensor?


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February 1, 2004
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stockton, california
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94 xlt
ok currently i am running a kkm intake, super 40 series flowmaster exhaust, i would like to add a mass air flow sensor!! i have only been able to see and find one and its on!! its made by pro-m?? i have never hear of them so i wanted to see my options any one know where else to look for my 94 xlt??

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Its a quality item' you won't go wrong with it.

Good luck.....

Me too, but have been told it ain't alot of bang for the buck, fear not EE sells quality stuff

When I went with a Granatelli MAF, I did indeed notice a boost in power as well as mileage,

Just saw your a homie, in our state aftermarket Mafs are a no no for smog cks, course I suppose you could put the OEM one back on to get smogged, actually do not believe your KKM is smog legal either

on your motor a 70mm maf will make a differance due to the stock maf only being like a 55mm or somewhere along there

I have the Pro-M and did notice a difference, but I had all the other bolt-ons beforehand.

After throwing all the other bolt-ons on, the MAS really smoothed things out. Just dont breakk the clip lol like I did, so now sometimes it vibrates loose so the check engine light comes on and the engine gets false readings and the engine bogs down, but that is my own careless mistake. If you have 1st gen, they're worth it definitely b/c the stock one is only 55mm or so. ...I think Granitelli is made by Pro-M or vice versa...

As for where to look, Street Smart Design!!! That's where I got mine for about $200 shipped. They're really helpful and they'll custom tune it for you based on your mods!

yeah i wish i could get mine for $200 but i live in cali so i get all the taxes!!! any one got the web site for that grantelli?