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Mass Air Meters?


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January 18, 2001
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Albany, NY
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'96 Limited V8 AWD
How do they work on Explorers, Iknow that they work great on Ford Mustangs and Thunderbirds. Pro-M makes a really good one at, Dead Link Removed
I was just wondering, it says it would bolt directly on your stock air box but I would want it on a setup like the KKM or K&N conicals. I know 1996 comes with a conical fiter but the air box probably restricts it, maybe take out the air silencer. I'm sure I'll start messing around when it gets warm in this damn Northeast.

The aftermarket MAS' do bolt directly to the airbox and intake tube, using the same holes and mounting points. The K&N and KKM kits also bolt directly to the stock system. Therefore, both aftermarket products bolt well to each other. The conical filter kits uses billet adapter plates to mount to the MAS. This billet plate will also fit an aftermarket MAS.

However, I would advise against upgrading the MAS. Do a search for threads with me spouting off on intake upgrades. You'll find plenty of threads with my opinion!

If you do some more looking on Pro-Flo's web site, you should find a chart that shows how much HP a stock MAF sensor is good for. If I remember correctly, the stock one can supply enough air to feed a 400HP engine. When I put a 77mm MAF sensor on my '94 4.0L Ranger, I felt and measured no difference in my times when I ran it at the track.

What about the 5.0L V8?

How do they work on the V8? I know it is the same engine but much different heads and gearing. Well it's not a cheap investment for only a couple of Horses your right.