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Mass Airflow Sensor


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September 19, 2009
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El Paso, TX
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94 XLT
I have a 1994 Explorer with 110k miles. The last week it has been running and idling very rough. The CEL comes on and off during driving. I pulled the codes and got KOEO codes 157, 158, 185. All three codes point to the MAF sensor.

157 Mass Air Flow Sensor below minimum voltage
158 Mass Air Flow Sensor above maximum voltage
185 Mass Air Flow lower than expected

I am thinking to replace the MAF but was just wanting to confirm my thoughts.
Should I try cleaning it first or just replace the MAF sensor. All the threads I have read on here point me in this direction. Thanks for the help.

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I cleaned mine with CRC electronics cleaner available at any FLAPS. Worked fine, no more codes. The sensor is held in with two security torx screws. I have a set I got with a computer tool set.

maybe isn't doing contact some wire in the conector, try this, move the wires of the arness and reset the computer.
I put a wire from the acumulator to engine because i had problem with the tps,

good luck.

You can try cleaning it first, you've got nothing to loose.

The only thing to do before replacing the sensor is to check the wiring at the sensor connector. If i remember correctly off the top of my head there is a B+, +5 ref, and ground present at the connector. Check with the key on, and use a DVM so you don't fry the computer. Make sure to wiggle everything around to check for intermittent problems.

deffinately clean them first. had the same problem a few months ago and sprayed some carb cleaner on it and worked like new. no more idleing or cel

Thanks for the input guys. I tried cleaning the sensor first but had the same problem. I replaced it and flashed the computer and the fault has stayed cleared for 2 days now. Thanks for the help and info.