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Master Cyl switch & Rear Speed Sensor???


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October 30, 2008
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What is the difference between the Master Cylinder switch and the Rear Speed Sensor? My ABS light is illuminating on my 03 Explorer and I've read that I need to change the sensor switch. I'm confused as to which one it may be. I'm getting error codes c1440 and b2292. My cruise control will not work either. PLEASE HELP!

The master cylinder switch is a pressure switch. If it is failed it can prevent your cruise from engaging.


The wheel speed sensor is a coil that senses rotational speed, failure of that sensor can cause ABS light to come on.


i would lean more towards the master cylinder switch. and actually check your recalls for you truck, there was a recall for that exact problem but im not sure as to the exact year/model range.

i got one for my 02 ranger.

fyi the rear wheel speed senser will be on your rear axle housing and there is only one as opposed to the front where there is one for each wheel