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master cylinder Noise?


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May 14, 2003
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99 LTD 5.0L
When i press the brake pedal it makes a creeky noise. It's tough to describe, but like rubber or plastic rubing. this happens when ever the pedal is moved, even when at a stop. not sure what's under the rubber boot where the pedal goes through the front wall into the cylynder, but sounds like it coming from around there. The noise is defintely connected to moving the pedal, brakes are working, getting close to new pads and haven't been real faithfull on fluid change, but working. Has anyone heard this too, and what may it be?
A quick thanks to all that participate, as i usually just search and find the answer. a member for years and only a handfull of posts.

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I heard something a while back about there being a recall at one point because the bolts that go to the master cylinder were breaking. I don't know if that could be your problem, but I would check the bolts just to be safe.

I'll give it a look over, but it should be up to snuff on any recall's, they just disconnected my cruise control :mad: could it be a service bulliten? another interesting find in Haynes, under brake booster is a missadjusted push rod could have a groaning sound. tha's a good description. i'll double check the air tight check, and didn't want to start pulling things apart quite yet. It says the booster "most likely will not require adjustment" Is this a long shot, has anyone ever seen this adjustment needed? I'm not sure i can make the guage that is within .005 in. they suggest, maybe i'll need a new booster, guess its possible but only 106K on the X.

sounds like a brake booster creaking.

Yes i'm convinced it is brake booster creaking. it passes the air leak tests, per haynes. I'm thinking of living with it a while, got plenty of other noises to check into..

they just disconnected my cruise control :mad:

If you go ahead and install the "brake repair kit" or get a fused jumper harness at a dealer, you will get a refund when your truck comes up for a recall (which it should). Just be sure to save your receipts.