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Master (Driver) window switch

Blacksheep Josh

July 31, 2006
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Statesboro, GA
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'01 Ford Ranger, RIP 93 X
I'm currently in the process of updating my interior. Part of that is the upgrading of the door panels and switches. I've come to a problem though. I have a Hayne's manual, but it does not have a diagram that correlates to my stock 1993 Window Switch. It has the 1991 and 1992 but nothing is matching up.

I am hoping someone can either post a picture from their Haynes which includes the 1993 wiring, or knows what wires go to what.

In essence, if you could do what oplitic did in this thread for me with his 2nd generation:

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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From Ford service manual 1993, except limited and electronic group.

Part 1, Door switch

Part 2, Door switch

Power Mirrors

Power Mirror Connector

Door Switch Connector

Josh, the wiring on the back of the switches does correspond to each year model the same. The eight window switch wires may be slightly different in color, but they work the same. The main power wire is blue/black and still goes to the switch to cut power to the other three windows(red/blue). I went through all of that and more with my 99 limited and 93 Limited. You can add a window auto down module to any of the window's circuits, up or down individually. I have the extra auto down module wired into my RF window, so both of my front windows will go down with one touch. Browse through my 99 rebuild thread for most of my pictures. Regards,

Post 154 shows the main window wiring I was doing. Any extra wires you see that I added are for two relays which I added to each door. I can control all four windows from each front door panel.

From Ford service manual 1993, except limited and electronic group.

Thanks man!

Josh, the wiring on the back of the switches does correspond to each year model the same.

I appreciate it. What I should have put into the earlier post was that almost nothing was matching up, and I couldn't make sense of it. I figure if I can't figure it out by a diagram, then I'll just get out the ole volt meter and do some testing.

Thanks from both of you

I've been thinking about it. I've just been lazy to go out and work with it. I'm pretty good with wiring and all, I just don't know how to solder.. been practicing though.

But to me, working on my Explorer is really a mood thing. Like an oil change, I really have to be in the right mood to WANT to climb underneath it. It's just been so hot lately, the wiring has taken a backseat. Plus I have to fix the driver window, window tracks went to hell, so I had to go to the junkyard, the door has NO WINDOW AT ALL, but I can slide it in and out now when it rains to keep water out. Lol. Takes me less time to get the window from the backseat and put it in then it did to put the key in and roll it up.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get around to it. My day off and all. Who knows, maybe I'll have a fully functional switch and updated panels!

Be very careful with the window regulators, those tracks. The spring pressure can be released and cut off a finger. I have a memory seat set of parts to add to my Mountaineer, that is a good amount of wiring to do. Get in the mood and do it, you will find something else to do in the process. Regards,

Oh yeah, I know about the spring loaded stuff. I was unscrewing the motor and it was faster then I could see. Scared the sh*t out of me, but I was like, "now I know what happens"