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Matching new diff ring / pinion with new Traction Loc


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February 8, 2012
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97 Explorer 4.0OHC
97 Explorer 4.0 4wd Auto.L.S.8.8 - 3.73 - 31 spline Noisy back axle, I have replaced all four diff bearings, still noisy and am about to replace Traction Loc with complete F.Racing Traction Loc (easier then new clutches and spider, I think) BUT I can not find a Ford Racing Ring and Pinion to match - 3.73 ok,8.8 ok - but Summit catalogue it with 30 pinion spline count ? Can any one suggest another supplier who might have perhaps a complete pro pac , instaltion pack etc Thanks for any advice.:(

I really think its listed wrong... They also list the front as a 26 spline vs the actual them and true trac said 26 on summit but is a 27 like it should be...

Correct me if I'm wrong but the r&p doesn't have a direct relationship with the alxe shafts(spline count) that'd be the carrier...