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Matt, Issac And Dans Fall Run


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January 27, 2003
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Issac came to visit me last weekend and we hit some trails. We went on the trail we found at the jamboree meet last year. Also folks, if you remember the side trails off the main path? Well they were posted and blocked off. No one can go on that trail anymore, you gotta stick to the main one. We also found a new trail. It was the same one we had been looking for before with Aaaron and John. We had to go on the total other side of the road to get to it. It became a dead end trail. Looks like the ice storm of 98 up here caused it. But it was a much better trail. Here is some pics of Issac and I. Once issac gets back home he will post his pictures from the trail. And no, I did not take my street explorer on the trails.




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Matt finally finds himself a wheelin' rig.


Random trail pic 1

Random trail pic 2

We couldn't decide to clean up or redecorate this lawn. (Jeff Foxworthy, eat your heart out.)

Pic taken before a disgruntled land owner asked what the hell we were doing.

Random non-trail related landscape pic

The most pissed-off rock face you'll EVER see.

Nice Pics guys, were those all public trails ?

Yyyip. There are signs saying so, and warning not to block access. Check the jamboree thread from '05 and you'll see it.

thats cool i guess im gonna hafta take a trip north & check out some of you guys trails, Where was that NH or Vt

That was up in Westford, VT. Near Burlington. If it's nice enough between Sunday and Tuesday, I may go back for more pics.

I am replying to this link, because Matt, Ike and I are on a conference chat and Matt insisted i comment on this thread.. :salute: