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Matt's '92/'99 4X4 V8/4R70W swap!

Vehicle: 1992 forest green Ford Explorer 4X4
(<Frikin Sweet)

Drivetrain: '99 GT-40P 5.0(4.9)L 302----4R70W Automatic

Well i got my engine so i guess its time to start a project thread! The timeline on this is pretty loose. but as soon as possible cause the ole 4.0 is making wierd noises.

EDIT: DO NOT be STUPID like me! Don't get a 2wd drivetrain to go into a 4wd vehicle! The transmission output shaft length is different and will require a full trans teardown to retrofit. Luckily one of the other awesome members of the forum has the parts I need to convert. But you may not be so lucky. I doubt most junkyards would sell you Just the shaft and housing. Would rather you buy the whole transmission.

Full teardown and rebuild
Keeping the gt-40's
New gaskets,pistons,cam,bearings,lifters, the works.
Maybe new crank
maybe strokin it
build for future forced induction
Transfer case: Hhhhhhmmmmmmm... maybe bw1354(dont wanna) or 4406 if i can fit it between the frame rails
plans will definitely evolve as we go along

here the pics





cant wait to get this thing runnin!

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Progress Pics!!

did some work tonight and got the ball rollin!






hell yes, oh man just wait until the day you fire it up
test for leaks
check fluids
fire it up
test for leaks, check fluids, fire it up

the first day I drove it, all the blood sweat $$$ that went into it was WORTH IT 100 times over.
that was 2006 I think, I drove her to work this morning...
what a treat! Thank you Ford for the pushrod 5.0L and 4r70w, thank you

its easy to change out a throttle cable if you want to use the mustang TB, you may have to fabricate a simple bracket. There are plenty of rangers and Explorer's out there running the Mustang HO 5.0L,its simple to do with stock parts and a little garage fab
Beathing mods are useless until you get rid of those manifolds, as you can clearly see :)

Good luck and cant wait to see the smile on your face

yeah I hope I can find some cheap p-headers that will fit the ex.

Will have more pictures tonight(okay okay tomorrow morning) when I'll hopefully have the front dress and maybe oilpan off.

This is my first engine rebuild! Soo fun.

So stay tuned, folks!

This is what I like to see. Less talk, more action. Nice work.

I'd go with the 4406. It would cost way too much to bolt the 1354 up. Not even worth it.

Section putting a 4406 into a gen I may be SUPER TIGHT = floor pan mods and frame notch, also gas tank re-locate/removal

it wouldnt fit under my Bii if I prayed for it every night... I checked with cardboard and a tape measure

If you are rebuilding the trans anyways, then MAYBE the AA adapter is worth it.
I would be looking into a dana 20 twin stick core to build, thats not super cheap either, but it is cheaper.

Not modding the 4r70w = you can always drop another in
Modding it = if it fails, you have to re-use it because now you are setup for the 1354 t case. I learned the hard way. I would try to leave the 4r70w in tact and use a small adapter with stub shaft and fit the small gear driven dana 20 twin stick built to your specs.

yep that's tHe only problem with the 4406; size.

Jamie the gas tank is clear on mine and I thin that their is enough floor pan room. So hopefully if the stars line up I can fit it in.

Question: if I need just a little more clearance with it could I loosen the trans mount and push it towards the drivers side?

Or would this jackup my driveshaft geometry?

The floor pans are almost identical in those pre-94's, just the slightest hammering is needed. You can keep your gas tank if you go with the manual BW4406, the TOD has a shift motor which would require the Sport gas tank.

Take lots of pictures, they will come in handy when assembling some things.

The stock 65mm TB is great for anything but massive power. I'm having my TB and elbow ported which will do me for my 347. I'd rather not have to fabricate or change things if they aren't required.

guys their is a good 12 inches of clearance between my 1354 and the gas tank.

So unless the 4R70W/4406 combo is THAT much longer I think there's no problem.

Does anyone have an opinion on scooting the trans mount towards the drivers side?

I think I remember reading that JT had done that.

The gas tank will clear easily without the shift motor(manual). Yes you can move it side to side a hair.

What are you doing with the PCM wiring, dash wiring etc? Did you find the other harnesses?

Using the stock cable and mustang throttle body is doable-you should find my home made bracket in my "trying to get it right" thread.
I even have a 94-95 mustang style intake and elbow-

However, I caution you-
to make it work you will void any warranty, and any chance of returning it-the throttle lever area will need cutting.

will keep that in mind.

Progress Pics!!

worked some more tonight.(water pump=pain in my ass)

Pulled half the access., the wire harness and fuel rails.


Pulled the other half of the accessories, and injectors, and thermostat housing.


Bye bye crappy oil pan.


Hello Mister cranckshaft!


Ladies and Gentlemen, i humbly present...
The Small Block Ford without all the BS.


this is FUN!


no problemo! Just wonderin.

I swear I must have wronged that water pump in a past life. It was fighten me the whole way. Had to pry it off with my big screwdriver.

And the junkyard broke my oil pump IN HALF.

The only thing holding it up is the pickup tube.

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Looks good. I have been considering the swap myself but the time and money. So that answers that one for everyone. HA

Question: How much more does this engine weigh compaired to the stock 4.0?