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Matt's '92/'99 4X4 V8/4R70W swap!

Vehicle: 1992 forest green Ford Explorer 4X4
(<Frikin Sweet)

Drivetrain: '99 GT-40P 5.0(4.9)L 302----4R70W Automatic

Well i got my engine so i guess its time to start a project thread! The timeline on this is pretty loose. but as soon as possible cause the ole 4.0 is making wierd noises.

EDIT: DO NOT be STUPID like me! Don't get a 2wd drivetrain to go into a 4wd vehicle! The transmission output shaft length is different and will require a full trans teardown to retrofit. Luckily one of the other awesome members of the forum has the parts I need to convert. But you may not be so lucky. I doubt most junkyards would sell you Just the shaft and housing. Would rather you buy the whole transmission.

Full teardown and rebuild
Keeping the gt-40's
New gaskets,pistons,cam,bearings,lifters, the works.
Maybe new crank
maybe strokin it
build for future forced induction
Transfer case: Hhhhhhmmmmmmm... maybe bw1354(dont wanna) or 4406 if i can fit it between the frame rails
plans will definitely evolve as we go along

here the pics





cant wait to get this thing runnin!

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Aaaaalllll righty folks.

'94 BW1356 electric shift, slip yoke in rear output, with 87,000 miles is on it's way from Maine via UPS ground.

For 150$

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Here it is.



unfortunately the drivetrain i bought came out of a 2wd truck. So its missing an adapter necissary to mate to the transfer case. See the pics:





Im thinking this is not a commonly replaced item so hopefully it will be available and cheap.

Bad news is the tranny output shaft needs to be removed to swap the housing. So it may cost a little bit of $$$.


might as well learn to tear down a trany while i'm at it.

i can get the clutches and bands while i'm in there.

will i need to change out the shaft with another or just remove it for the housing install?

The output shaft for 2wd is longer than the 4wd unit shaft and needs to be swapped along with the housing. When tearing down the tranny, the output shaft is the last thing to come out, so this is why a teardown is necessary. You could always find a cheapy at a junkyard with low miles already 4wd. May even be cheaper than rebuilding that one.

so get this
I had to do similar, except I had to remove my 4x4 output shaft and tailhousing and install the advance adapter output shaft and tailhousing so it would mate to my 1354 t case

in a box I have the stock 4r70w 4x4 putput shaft and tailhousing
PM me if you want them! I knew I / somebody would need them someday

Complete tear down and rebuild in order, dont fret the 4r70w is EASY to rebuild compared to some transmissions. I paid $1800 for next day service the last time I had one needing rebuild, but doing it yourself you could save $800 or so
$800 in one day! I am in the wrong business!!


Yet another reason why this forum and it's members are awesome!

Ok. I have read glacier's threads and am no longer afraid of my transmission.

I will do a soft rebuild to install the shaft/housing and replace bands, clutch frictions, and torringtons. Unless I discover something else that needs replacing.

Jamie, I can pay you through paypal or however you like.

By the way, I've been looking at pics of your bronco. Freakin awesome!

I see a bronco 2 around town every once and a while and just can't seem to picture them fully decked like yours. Those trucks really have hidden potential.

thanks man! Yeah the BII is a good platform, alot to be desired stock, but hey its got a frame, spring over rear and TTB up front, so the sky is the limit!

I see BII's all the time, just stock looking ones and I am all "oooooh thats a nice clean truck" and my wife is like "you are crazy, its a BII POS" LOL but she really likes mine thats for sure.
I have spent the last year remodeling our house, the last few months I have been concentrating on the garage. Our two car garage is now pretty much a full blown shop, all the clutter and storage crap is now in a shed we built, the BII is parked in there, just waiting......after x mas and a few more tools I am waiting on, we're going big!
Bender is on its way if that helps.......BII is going to lose about 500# of metal /glass and gain a full cage
the explorer is now my full blown daily driver for the next 6 months or so.. so the ex is also going to need some upgrades......sick of torsion bars

Your Gen I is no slouch either! It has taken me 15+ years to get the BII the way she sits now and I am just getting started :)
V8 conversion was a big deal, now its the heart of the monster :)


Awesome! Don't paint the fenders. That's the trademark!

Edit to first post warning against buying a 2wd trans.

whole truck will be painted blue again, only in bedliner and she'll have alot more fiberglass by then if I have my way! (bedsides and door skins)
Thanks though......I am tired of the white fenders, actually I am tired of just not having any truck in one color (explorer included) But I am going to be doing all painting myself so I need some tools and time..

I plan to repaint mine as well sooner or later. Probly same color. There are dents and dings all over and a key scratch down the passenger side that makes me sick with anger.

But Jt said it's still in good condition for how old it is.

I know exactly what you mean 410... I was in a bad wreck a few years ago, and it was this Summer I got fed up with it being 4 different colors.. My friends nicknamed the X "4-tone" cause of the two greens, beige, and gray primer I had on it.. So now it's rattle can primer black.

I think doing a home paint job on a vehicle is not hard, but I do think air tools and an air sprayer are required to get it to the level that's wanted. I used electric tools and it was damn hard, can't adjust anything..

since i am droping some kick-ass into the truck, i think it would be a good idea to slap some on the outside too. meaning emblems.

i was thinking a couple ford "V8"'s:

maybe an "SVT:

Since my engine technically has the same intake as the '93 cobra's, do you think i could get away with one of these???

Or would that be too much?

Oh yeah I had forgotten about those.

Definately a couple on the fenders by the V8 ones.

When I was looking for embelms I saw a couple 4.0 ones. Looked cool. Don't remember where though.

Both V8 Emblems that devilboy posted were used on the Explorers, at one time or another. The rectangle was used in 1996 and 1997. While the other was used from about 02-06


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I like the o2-06 one! Retro roots with modern style.