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max lift, what did you or CAN you do for max lift on sport trac


May 13, 2020
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pilot grove
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2002 sport trac
Okay, ive searched some and read. I really dont want to spend days reading. I have a 2002 sport trac 2wd. Right now it has a stock key twist on the front and shackle extenders on back for maybe 3 inches. I've got 31" tires now. I want to go max lift. Ive read different stories . I know about superlift rear springs and discontinued. I know about the aftermarket 4" spindles also. At this point i was going to add the 3" body kit but wanted to get max suspension first.
I want to hear some of your stories on BIG lift, not just twist and leaf extenders,...i mean LIFT. I also know about changing to axle UNDER leaf for about 6" Should i do axle under flip and 4" spindles,...or spindles AND new torsion bar keys. I mean honestly, you can even add blocks on axle like older trucks BUT..i need the front lifted equal.