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Max tire size/ looking for used BFG's

what is the max size tire you can put on the 16" stock 3 spoke wheel. I believe that the rim is 16X7. I have 255/70-16 on now, but i was thinking 265/75-16 or 285/75-16. will either one of these work, and also if so does anyone have some used BFG all terrain TA tires for sale in these sizes?

You're in luck!
I'm putting on larger tires this month and i'm looking for someone to sell my used 265 75 16s. Problem is, it's probably going to be costly to ship it over to you.

How much are you looking to get for the tires? How much would shipping be to 53019 in wisconsin?

I have no idea how much it'd cost, i'd imagine it'd be WAY too much.

How much lift are you planning on having on your ex when you get the new tires?
That'll help determine how big of a tire you could put on.

with your BFG 265x75-16's was there any rubbing, did you need a lift, and were the tires mounted on the stock 16x7 wheels