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Maxed out camber w/ TT and camber/caster kit


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March 10, 2001
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1997 5.0L AWD XLT
With Moog's caster/camber bolt kit, which gives me +/-1.625 degrees of adjustment (3.25 degrees total), I've maxed out the camber range and still can't get the wheels aligned. It's prematurely wearing the inside of my tires. I have torsion twist and shackles, and the only thing I can think is that perhaps I raised the front end to high.

Is there a way to measure the front end and compare it to the backend to verify the truck is level?

Or does anyone know of a caster/camber kit with greater range than the Moog ones?

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There are 2 degree replacement keys you can put on on the opposite end of the stock bolts. When the flat edge on the factory adjuster points horizontal it's at the 2* position. You just need to replace the key at the end with the nut with the 2* shim. None of the eccentric kits go all the way to 2*, they all stop short like the moogs. You might have to dremel out the bolt slots also to get all the way to the 2* mark.

Do you have a photo? I'm having a hard time picturing what the key would look like. I don't have the original bolts, so I'll have to make something. Did the original bolts have a rectangle, as opposed to a oval, on the ends?

Is this it BoominX?


Those looks similar to the Moog ones, I think boom was describing something different.

I m having this same exact issue too... ugh.

I'm soon going to hunting for more adjustment also. I had no trouble with my first truck, my 98 would take a good alignment at a very lowered height. I played with my truck height for a day or so before settling on where it's been since. So I got 2.5" or more down, no issues, same CV axles after 100k miles.

But my 99 truck wouldn't take an alignment with it lowered much at all, and now my 98 Limited even worse. I have had the camber washers and bolt kits for each truck. I don't recall any other possible combination of the special parts, but that's what I'm interested in. I will get my trucks down some more, my 98 is near the stock height now with the camber parts. I just didn't have time with either of my last two to dig into the issue. Now my 99 is in the garage to do the trans, and the whole suspension is coming out soon.

The bolts I got from NAPA say they are good for 2 degrees.

The kit I was talking about only replaces the nut side plate on the factory adjuster. When you pull the arm all the way out and put the flat spot to the inside that is 2*. You sometimes have to elongate the slot the bolt goes in to pull the arm out towards you enough to get that flat spot on the adjuster to set right. I found this will give you the most positive camber. The eccentric bolts like dono posted technically only max out at 1 7/8* + or -. I do suggest using the eccentric ones unless you have serious camber issues.

I have found most places list them backwards also. They list the eccentric bolts going to 2 and the plates going to 1 and 3/4. I definitely have gained more positive camber with the plates than the eccentric ones when I was lowered with flipped torsion bars back in the day.