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May 2013 TOTM - Off Road Modification


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Riding off road is one of the things that keep most of us going every year and we all like to work on our rigs. For the May 2013 TOTM our theme will be your favorite "Off Road Modification" that you have or you have noticed from someone else.

You will have until the end of the month to get some pictures in and then the voting thread will be created.

Don't Forget:

Announcement will be made describing the TOTM theme. Members will then have a 4 week period of time to post there submission. (For example: On 08/01 a thread will be started for the nominations. On 09/01 you will have 5 days to vote on the previous submissions (date will vary depending on when the 1st is). This way each winning member will receive a month to be the TOTM.)

One picture per member.

Anyone is welcome to submit a picture (Admins, Mods, & Members).

You may change your pictures if you like. Just do it before the time is up.

All entries must be of a Ford Explorer, Sport Trac, Mercury Mountaineer, Mazda Navajo, Ect. Go by the what the forum is for guys. Please don’t post pictures of your non-RBV's as your submission. There will be special times for you to do that.

You may submit any picture of anyones rig that is on this forum. (UPDATED 05/08/2012) Hope this helps you out.

Also do not Photoshop your rig to make it better but you can blank the license plate if you wish.

There will be a thread for submissions in which three pictures will be chosen at random. Then these three pictures will be put into a "Final Voting Thread" in which the entire forum will be able to choose this months winner. This random voting will be done by giving each picture a number that I will know only. Then I will "PM" a random member here and have them choose three numbers from the list that will be given to them. The numbers will not be linked to their post number.


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I know this isn't going to win because I've seen some other people on here so crazy stuff (SAS/SOA)

But anyways what I have is TT and rear lift shackles, looks sexy to me!

I don't know why the pics are sideways?


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My favorite off-roading mod that I have done is my 4405 to 1354 t-case swap with manual hubs. I don't have pics of the t-case(they kinda look the same on the outside). Here's a pic of the manual hubs.(I credit Scott B.'s write up for this one)

I have actual 2wd and no more annoying A4wd to contend with. There have been a lot of mods to get my rig where it is today, but this is my personal favorite.

It is really hard to pick one offroad mod since we have so many and they tend to snowball.

I think the f-250 shock mounts and extended radius arms upgrade is really what put our truck to the next level. Of course when that is done you also have to do brake lines, shocks etc so its an upgrade "group"

The upgrade really increased the front suspension travel which really helps keep the power to the ground..

I'm not sure if we are to post of shot of the upgrade itself or of it in use so I am posting both for now.

Shot right after installing it...

Build-day3 005 by maniak_az, on Flickr

Shot of what that upgrade allows for travel.

Truckhaven-mlk 2012 -5 - close up by maniak_az, on Flickr


Strut Spacers! Thats at full droop....

And some mods created this monstrosity... But the spacers created the nice ride height...

I want to nominate SUL73NAZ...2002 XLT 4x4 with custom front tube bumper and skid plate, rancho quick lift struts, front BTF lift spacers, BTF uniball upper control arms, custom fiberglass fenders, and 17x8.5 Method wheels wrapped in 33x12.50 x 17 General Grabber red letters:


This is the last day for submissions. The voting will begin tomorrow afternoon.

I nominate turboexplorer for his SAS. One of the cleanest swaps I've seen on this site done by the owner and not a shop. I also want first right of refusal if he ever decides to sell it! :D



Thanks Froader!! And agreed if the rig ever needs to be sold I'll hit you up for first crack at it! However :rolleyes: I see no future where I sell the truck. :D