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Mazda b2300 & 98 ford ranger ????


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February 3, 2015
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1994 Mazda b2300
Hi everyone I have a 94 b2300 and have been having issues with it since I purchased it used a couple of yrs ago. The truck will not start if the temp drops below 40 degrees. Does anyone know what could cause that? It is also gotten to where it will crack but runs rough and crawls like a turtle but u can smell gas horribly bad. Someone told hubby it wasn't firing but on two cylinders and to put ignition coils in it. Well after $85 spent it didn't fix it.:( can anyone suggest what the problem could be with the two issues please?? I have also recently came across a 98 for ranger that runs great but needs the bed, front grill, and front fender replaced. Will the bed, grill, door, and front fender off my b2300 interchange with the 98 ranger??? Any help will be greatly appreciated.. Thanks in advance