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Mazda B4000 1998 O/D flashing light


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May 7, 2014
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1998 B4000
The light is only flashing occasionally. When it is not flashing, the transmission works perfectly. When flashing, it shifts up and down very roughly and will not get in O/D. To fix the problem, I just turn off the engine for 4-5 seconds and restart. Problem solved, until the next time. It only gets in flashing mode when driving at low-med speed i.e. when not driving in O/D. While driving on the expressway in O/D it never does it.
Since it is starting to do it more and more often, I need to find the real problem. Any suggestion?

The flashing light means there is a trouble code stored in the computer related to the transmission. You will need a scanner to get the code, this code will be able to point you to the trouble area.

Without the code you can only guess.