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mchl's '95 Explorer

Here are some pics of how I bought my Explorer last wednesday.





This week I'll get rid of the striping. After that I will save up for some new wheels and tires and probably a new paintjob. Will post some pictures of the progress.

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A left side drive? Isn't that a bit unusual for a European Explorer? Nice Ex by the way.

...and it looks like the '95 has the dark privacy glass on the back windows, vs. the goldish-silver we have here until late '97... And a Gen I Explorer badge on the gate. :)

Doesn't look bad and sounds like some good plans for it already. I too thought most were right hand drive, good eye on detail Joe.

Couple more details I saw- no high mount stoplight, but has the Sport pull hook on the rear bumper... :D

I noticed the differences too. I think a previous owner did the privacy glass on the rear windows, because it doesn't look stock at all.

Today I started to clean my wheels. It was one of my top priority things to do, because they were so dirty. It seemed like they haven't been cleaned in years.

They first looked like this:


And after I was finished they looked like this:


I'm still not satisfied with the result, but that's because I didn't had my favorite brand of cleaning equipment. So I have to go buy it next weekend and start all over again.

That's still not bad for the first effort... Nice work! What did you use on the rims?

I used the home brand of my local shop, but i'm buying some Meguiar's products next weekend, becuase I liked the way it made my old car shine.

Good choice! :thumbsup: