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Me, rocking and rolling.


June 21, 2015
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Cleveland, OH
Year, Model & Trim Level
1992 Ford Aerostar EB
I play in a really loud garage punk band. We played a fairly large party in Cleveland a few weeks back. The 'stage' was just the roof of my buddy's shop. Free keg beer and all the BBQ pig you can eat. I'm on the left and as you can probably guess by my size, I made sure to put a good dent in each.


I was actually gonna post this in the 'hobbies' subforum but I didn't see anything about that. As such, if there are any gear snobs here, my rig is as follows:
-1976 Peavey Roadmaster Super Festival Series head
-custom-made 4x12 cab loaded with Eminence RedCoat Private Jack speakers
-Biyang FZ7 fuzz
-Boss Blues Driver
-Epiphone SG Les Paul with a GFS humbucker in the bridge.