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medium graphite grey...can a body shop do it?


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June 5, 2001
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04 Civic LX
my x-sport has a trim color of meidum graphite grey (i do believe, its a grey with a sparkle to it.) on the bumpers, step bars, and fender flares...

i am closing a deal on a rollpan this week. I have very little time with school and work so i need your help guys (and gals). Can the Medium graphite grey be painted on at a body shop?

i am not sure if its just some ford color for like plastics or whatever. Please help...thanks :)

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Sure, thats their business matching paint. Probably cheaper to have it painted before its installed.

I agree, just take it in before you install it. The body shop will add a "flex-agent" to the paint to give good results on a plastic surface. They will need the paint code of the trim, that's located on the door jamb sticker.

ok cool, i just was unsure if they can do trim code painting. sweet!

want to know about the rollpan? where is it comign from?

i am getting it off of hokie, he bought boominxplorers old truck..
most likely be painted by a body shop, why?

I don't understand why you would think that a body shop wouldn't be able to do this? This is their job.