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Meet 'n Greet - WI


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December 11, 2001
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Yakima, WA
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02 F250/Zuk twins
Didn't see the section for Trips.

Anyone interested in a meet-'n-greet?

When: Saturday April 3rd
Where: Pipleline - Near Mountain, WI
Who: Anyone
Difficultly: Any (there is a bit of snow on the ground so I think this trip will have to require 4WD)

A day to meet up, do some wheel'n and test out any new mods/equipment that was built/purchased over the winter.

if I can find the money and you can give better directions I may decide to show (even though I'm new)

the destination is a mere 3.5 hours from here (Michigan Tech)

Directions I can help you with, money I can't!

I'm not 100% sure where we're meeting up, but Mountain, WI is on HWY 32

HWY 41 South to 141
go West on HWY 2
South on 189 which appears to turn into 139 in Wisconsin

139 intersecs with HWY 8 (turn right)

In Laona go from HWY 8 to HWY 32 (This will be south of Laona)

Follow HWY 32 to Mountain.