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Melted camshaft synchronizer?


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March 8, 2008
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'96 5.0 XLT
After having a P0340 problem for a week i finally ordered the camshaft sensor and got everything disassembled. Then to my surprised i found a mess at the top of the camshaft synchronizer. The picture below from user Sal619 shows what I found.

What could cause things to metal and make such a mess? Should i be looking to fix a bigger issue before fixing the synchronizer?
Can i use a torch to loosen up the extra material and use the existing synchronizer?
If i have to replace the synchronizer can it be done by putting the new synchronizer in the same position or would i need the install tool etc?


Credit to Sal619 for the photo in his thread.

What probably happened is the bearings in the unit wore, allowing the shaft to "wobble" inside the unit. The flag then caught on the sensor air gap and tore it all up. You do need to replace the whole unit, using the tool for alignment.

The #1 piston needs to be brought to TDC for the compression stroke, then place the tool on the new sync unit and install it.

Do not use a cheap replacement part from dorman, as the shear pin used for the drive gear in that unit is too small and will likely break. Since that gear also drives the oil pump, you do not want to run that risk

Searching the forum will show you pictures of what I am referring to. X6stringerx posted very good information concerning this