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April 21, 2011
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1998 sohc UK SPEC
Hello to everyone on the forum.

Are there any members in Spain?

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What are you using for Mercon V?

What are you using for Mercon V?

I've got "el cheapo" ATF in there right now. I reckon it should be good for cleaning all the gunk out. The guy I bought my Ex from never bothered to service it. I'll replace it for Castrol after 1-2k kms

I just did a full VB rebuild and tranny oil filter replacement (among many other things).

Lechuga,thanks for the reply.I took the ex to the local Ford garage for a quote on the ATF change (just done 60k) and they told me that if there are no problems to just leave it-didn't really inspire me with confidence.

Added to that they were going to change the diff oils with the wrong spec mineral oil,without additive;I ended up doing it myself.

I cant find any Mercon v locally,and I don't want to pay to get some sent over.I'll look into the castrol,cheers jer

60k kms or miles? regardless, it's new!!!! Mine's got 143k miles.

You don't really need to change the diff oil, but the tranny oil and filter is a must. The clutch plates wear and release little shavings of aluminium, which then run around the tranny and get caught in the filter (mostly) and solenoids. The result may be a poor performing tranny. Changing tranny oil and filter at regular intervals will help to maintain the life of it..

I bought mine 2 months ago and so far I've done a full service (spark plugs, air filter, oil filter and oil), cleaned the MAF, IAC, VB rebuild, fuel filter, front suspension ball joints, replaced the upstream O2 sensors, new tires, several bulbs on the dash, much testing and research, etc... most of the stuff I've done myself. Previous owner didn't care much for his car.

I've still got a P0720 error that needs to get fixed and I've also got to look at getting new brake pads, and replacing all shock absorbers.

However, today I can smile at my achievement so far (I'm not a mechanic) and the fact that it is now quite driveable. None of which I would have been able to achieve without the help of many good guys on this site.


60k miles,which as I understand it is the Ford recommended "replace all fluids" service-hence the diff fluid change-actually it needed it,the oil was black.

The tranny itself shifts fine,no flaring.There is a faint whining noise in 1st and 2nd gear,which i've found to be common following the American posts.The ATF itself is almost clear in colour-just the faintest hint of red,I can only assume it never been changed-I agree with you it needs doing,first I need to find the right fluid.

You've been busy,2 months!I've done the service(bar the ATF)and lifted it 2" (would highly recommend Kevin P's shackles)-go off-road daily.Replaced brake pads with Green stuff all round and EBC discs up front(warped rotor)

Do you know of any scrapped 2nd gen explorers,there are a couple of bits and pieces I could do with.

Thanks Chris,Jer

I tend to lean towards warrior shackles. If you are serious about off-roading, I would recommend you got an Aussie Locker for the rear diff. That's about as much as I would do (2" lift, aussie locker and some more aggresive tires).

I have some parts from a 2nd gen (no body, just mechanical parts). What are you looking for?

Oh, get yourself a little pump for extracting oil from the tranny. If you've never seen one, they come with a long hose you push down the tranny dipstick pipe. You should be able to pump out at least 2.5 litres. You'll get less of an ATF bath this way. I've seen one on sale for abour €30 in "Norauto".

Hindsight is excellent ;)

The off-roading I get up to isn't for fun,more for work.About a year ago I needed to replace a Jap "soft-roader" with a vehicle capable of towing 2 ton+ payloads of olives up(and down)steep,muddy olive groves,on a budget.After having researched it I decided on the Ex,and I'm more than happy.I initially just needed a workhorse,but once you start modifying it becomes addictive.

Shes already booted in 265/75 r16 50/50 road/offroadtyres.With the old car I used to get a puncture every 3 months or so with road tyres,not cheap to replace in Spain as you know.

Nice tip about the pump,but I was planning on doing a 5 litre change using the dialysis(or jiffy-lube)method,running for a couple of 100miles to free up the sludge,then the filter change,run again for a while,then replacing the lot using dialysis again-any advice?

As for the parts I was after,just small bits and pieces really.The previous owner took all the interior bulbs out for some reason and im missing the retainers for the courtesy light(sunroof).Also the cigarette lighter isn't oem,sticks out like a sore thumb.Lastly I was after one of the bonnet supports(bolt with a hexagonal rubber head)mine's missing and the bonnet droops to one side.Other than that I'm happy!

Sorry. I have no body parts and therefore no interior parts. I suggest you look in some of the scrapyards and also on; some guys sell parts there.

I am not aware of the jiffy lube technique. I'm curious as to how it's done.

Regarding off-roading. The Ex is a very capable vehicle, especially with those tires and 2" lift you've got. I've done some pretty amazing stuff like climb up and down 40º muddy slopes (awesome, when all you can see is sky and you're pinned by gravity to the back of your seat). But there are things I wouldn't dare try without a rear diff lock (don't have one, yet) and a mate to pull me out (just in case).

Right now, I'm just concentrating on the getting my Ex back into shape and being able of passing the Spanish ITV

Do a search under "ATF change & dr bob" and you'll find loads of info.I don't speak from personal experience but the method uses the tranny to pump out the old fluid through the auxiliary cooler hose,you then replace the same quantity of new fluid through the dipstick opening.The advantage is that you can change virtually all the fluid,rather than the 20-25% you change with a filter change alone.The filter change is still necessary,but you can refresh your ATF as and when you like.

Its been coined as "the jiffy lube method" as there is a Kwik fit type company in the States that do this process but use an industrial pump to refill with new ATF,from what i've been led to believe.

Good luck with the ITV,I've still got RHD headlights on mine,and British plates.No Guardia interest yet,its only a matter of time...

Thanks! I'll look into the jiffy lube technique. I'm close to getting my car in ITV-worthy condition

Followed your advice on searching used it before)and got the bits I was after,and a pair of side-steps!

Thanks mate,you've done me a favour.

Glad I could be of assistance ;)

I'm trying to get O2 sensor voltage readouts using my scanner, but the subject seems to be quite elusive. The standard request returns 0V and that obviously is wrong. I have read a lot about OBD-II and have some motorcraft pdf files with the right codes, but not getting the expected answers. Still fishing...

Never had a code flash up,so haven't got around to buying a reader-sorry can't help.

It's not so much a problem but more a personal challenge. I know the O2 sensors I installed are working as expected but I would like to see the live data from the PCM directly in my scanner (I use a bluetooth ELM327 adapter and the Torque app installed in my phone)...

Hola ...yo tambien soy de España, llevo bastante tiempo en el foro pero nunca habia visto este hilo

¡Bienvenido Vela! Encantado de encontrar más gente in Spain, que nuestros Explorers no son exactamente iguales a los USA

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Hola Lechuga ,gracias por la bienvenida.

Vosotros estais en España o estais en USA? Yo estoy en España y tenemos un foro de Explorer bastante apañado aunque un poco parado ahora por el tema de la crisis....os dejo el enlace por si os apetece pasaros a verlo.