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Menards: 98¢ Hershey's Pot of Gold (after rebate)


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................ 96 XLT ™
Limit four boxes per rebate. Must purchase between 3/4/11 and 7/3/11, and postmarked by 7/20/11.

Rebate form:

The 98¢ applies to the store I bought mine from. Your local Menards' price and selection may vary.

Check the date on the packages. Should be in date, but check them regardless. Here is how to read the date...

Here is the code date on the package I have:
34ETC 1F 13:35

Note the 1F part. That is the code date.

The 1 corresponds to the year, that being 2011. 0=2010, 9=2009, 8=2008, and so on.

The F corresponds to the month, that being June. A=Jan, B=Feb, C=Mar, and so on.

So, my code date 1F expires in June 2011.

This decoding can be used on most Hershey products that use the number-letter code dating. I think it applies to Nestle also, but not 100% sure.