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MERCON and MERCON V...diff?


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August 20, 1999
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Perth, Western Australia
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1998 XLT

I've looked everywhere for the answer and now my eyeballs are hanging out of my sockets...

Anyway, can someone tell me?

Also, in my service book, it says only use MERCON V, but on the tranny dip stick, it says USE MERCON...

I can't find any fluid here (Aust) that is MERCON V compatible, but have found many brands that are MERCON and DEXRON III compatible.

Any one have any idea which I should and can use?


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mercon 5 is just the newer imroved version of the mercon3/dexron 3

mercon is ford
dexron is gm

basic ps fluids although some cars used the older type f and fa.... but mercon3/dexron 3 is pretty much what you will find in most domestic and foreign cars as atf..... except chrysler, they use funky stuf called atf +3

So what do I put in my Ex?

Is Mercon V backwards compatible? Can I use Mercon (no roman numeral) in my tranny? Will I get a Bluescreenofdeath?

Use Mercon V, that is what's recommended.

Where abouts can you get Mercon V other than the Ford Dealer? I do not like buying that kind of stuff from the Dealer because it usually ends up being way way way too expensive.

yeah, like eveyone else has said, Mercon V is basically regular Mercon with a few more additaves. It is a very confusing system out there. Some people say you can use regular mercon in the tranny and add an additative that brings the regular mercon level up to mercon V level.( as far as additives)
Some auto parts stores actaully sell motorcraft Mercon V tranny fluid. I do at least. it is about $2.25 a quart.

My suggestion is use Mercon V.