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Message center assistance needed


January 9, 2021
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Tulsa, Ok
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Broken Arrow, OK
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1999 Ford Explorer Sport
So im installing my message center this weekend and i got most of the wiring done the only wires not connected are
-oil level input
-fuel flow input
-oil temp input
and low washer fluid input
I just need to figure out how to run the wires to the engine bay.

my question is i connected all up and all it does is illumination. nothing shows on the screen. Im not sure if i got a defective message center or it wont work if those other wires aren't connected any ideas?

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Hunt here for a thread by Eric with his 99 Sport, back in the mid 2000's. He added that and other things to his Sport. He has the Mountaineer front fascia(grille, lights etc), a 302/AWD, and the EATC controls also IIRC. It's a beautiful medium blue truck. He was pretty good about documenting steps for changes like that.

What size is crank shaft harmonic balancer bolt..98 4.0 sohc 2wd explorer

i have no oil level input, oil temp input, and i accidently pulled the wire out for the fuel flow. for the oil part, it just reads error and because it is getting not data for fuel flow it reads 99.9 for anything fuel related. i think you might have a wire problem or message center is kaput. also if i remember right, you may need the same year message center as your truck, but i could be wrong.


Tim is right there, the model does matter also. The 95-98's had a blue display, but they also had a little more information such as oil life and and oil level. The later 98-01's have a green display, and I don't think they have any input for oil level for example.