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Message center switch issue.


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December 4, 2010
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2006 1996
Got the 06 Eb, really liking it! but cannot reset oil change, the info and reset buttons work but not the setup button. Shop manual had me meter out the connections and wires between instrument cluster and switch all was good, next step was to change switch got one online and same problem.:censored: I wondered if the switch was used cuz it was not in a sealed bag. Not wanting to give up 300-400.00 for a new inst. cluster. any one have thier switch do this??

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similar problem with oil change required message

reset message "oil change required" through SETUP function; reads "oil life 100%". Seemingly all good; but no. Shut off engine and then restart, "oil change required" message pops back up. I reset a half dozen times, no luck.

SET UP function runs through some of the options, like AUTOLOCK - on or off, but then there is no way to change from on to off.

I am as frustrated as you!

i think you might need to do this:

You turn the key forward so the dash lights light up. Then push menu until it says push enter to go to system setup. Then when you reach the performance required light hold reset. It should say "if new hold reset" briefly let up the button then hold it down again and it should say "hold to confirm" again briefly let up on it and then hold it down until it says 100% turn key off and then start the truck and it should be reset. the key is that you have to let up and repush the button each time if you just hold it like it says it will not reset.

At least my problem SOLVED!

Thanks, Rusty! Your instructions were exactly what I needed! Oil Change Required message has gone byby! You were right, 'hold, release, hold' is a bit tricky - took me few trys to get it right.

no worries, went through the same problem you guys went through before... glad i could help

Changed the switch , still wont work info and reset buttons work but not setup, just like before the new switch was there. The wires check out per the shop manual, I cant believe its the instrument cluster, at least i hope.

did you try the above steps i posted?

No worky, setup button does nothing, seems strange the info and reset work fine???!

So im on a long trip and press the menu button 50 times and it poped up yaaaaaaaaahhhh!
No more oil change message!