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Message center w/o EATC into base model


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June 1, 2008
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Memphis, TN
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02 Ranger XLT 2WD auto
After looking at about thirty different Explorers and Mountaneers in all different trim levels, I came to a conclusion.. the message center was apparently only offered in combination with the digital EATC. Is that correct?

I want to replace my base model Sport dash harness with the XLT or EB trim level harness to get factory wiring for adding an overhead console, message center, and rear heat & A/C. BUT.. I do NOT want the EATC; I want to keep my manual climate controls like they are.

I'm looking for information to help with the conversion.. So here's the million dollar question:
Can I use a factory XLS, EB, or Mountaineer dash harness with message center, and still keep manual climate controls?

If I have to mix and match wiring from two different trim level wiring harnesses, that's no problem. Looking to direct swap, pin-to-pin, with no splicing whatsoever.

Mine is an XLT has the rear heat/air and the temp/over head center console with manual controls.