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December 4, 2016
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Fort Worth, TX
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1997 5.0 4x4
So I took out my center console permanently. The 6 disc changer was being crazy and I started with that and moved forward. While I was putting the ceramic insulation on floor with the interior out, I found out from another post which wires were what to get my two rear speakers back up and working.

I cleaned up the harness from all the unused wires, but now my message center isn't working. I didn't cut any wires that weren't hooked up (that I know of). I found a diagram of the wires for the message center so I will check all of those. I checked all of the fuses and nothing was blown. Any other ideas or symptoms to check for?

Besides the message center not working now, I did a crap job of installing a second 12V plug for a phone charger when I first got it so I wasn't paying attention when I spliced into the wires for power (I didn't realize at that moment what an addiction this would turn in to). What color are the wires that have power for the 12v power source and ground coming from the plug? I'm sure the ground is suppose to ground the message center also?