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meterman1976 94x 4x4

1994 ford explorer xlt 4 door 4x4

3 inch body lift
3 inch suspension lift
33x12.5x15 tired
15x8 wheels with 3.75 bs
surco roof rack
4 hella 500 lights with 100w bulbs
60 inch hi-lift mounted to rack
skyjacker 7000 hydro shocks and steering stablizer
war 153 shackles
brakes lines extended 6 inches
cobra cb
front tow hooks
removed rear sway bar
front swaybar has quick disconects
warn manual hubs
rebuilt a4ld tranny in 2007
rebuilt 4.0 in 2006
kkm cone air filter
front tow hooks
fender flairs not sure what type
oil pressure and water temp guages in pillar pod
8.8 rear end with ls3.73 gears
all the floring in rhino lined
dana 35 front with 3.73 gears
Bw 1354 transfer case. But not installed yet
what i want for it
skyjacker 8000 nitro shocks and sterring stablizer
rock sliders

will try to get more pics in a day or so


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Thanks its commin along thanks to this forum

Haven't really done anything to the x latly. Its just been parked. But besides checkin my fluids and charging my battery its runnin great. And no leaks.

nice x u got

Picked up a bw 1354 t case. Today. From a buddy that's movin and didn't want to store it. Hopefully this spring ill get it installed. And get a job.

Been looking around for shocks. Thinking about the skyjacker nitro8000.. ill be getting shocks in a week or two. Any other sugjestiond?