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Methanol/water injection and NOS on 4.0 SOHS with superchagger

Hello guys
No I make instalation supercharger and very seriouse think about water/methanol injection sistem (mainly for keep cool engine) and NOS sistem for mor HP on demand. Could anybody any experiense in this two mods? Which maker is better? What is final dino result? Or any other advices please.

I will visit to USA in November to SEMA and hope to buy both there. But I shoul deside and order it right now for pick up it there.

Thank you for help

Is anybody know?
Which makers (brands) of NOS and W/M should I prefer? Quality and performance most important. Which brand of each system known as best in US? Which is bed? wich is good& let me know please. From Russia very difficult to choose. Help me please.

I have extensive experience with meth and a blower in the Explorer. If I were going with a boost power adder my recommendation would be turbo. There really are not any superchargers which catch my eye. 2nd- the water/meth kit which I recommend is Snow. I recommend a Stage 2 system which is boost referenced and NOT MAF referenced.

For NOS I recommed a NOS or Nitrous Express wet kit. These are real good kits-stay away from ZEX. Zex has made the nitrous kit too complicated. If you need an American vendor to ship oversees I can ship the parts you need.-j