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MFT. 3.5.1 - audio starts playing first song on the SD card


June 20, 2011
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Explorer Limited AWD 2012
Got my Ex Ltd back from half-year maintenance. Without asking or mentioning it, they upgraded to 3.5.1 (understood it after trying to solve the "why this damned phone can't connect to the Sync" problem).
Ok, honestly, I'd try to upgrade anyhow sooner or later, but still - would expect from them at least warn me about the upgrade.

Now, about problems in the new version:
In my previous version, when ignition is switched off while playing some song from SD card, MFT somehow remembered the song, and later, when turned on, would continue from the same place.
Now, 90% times it starts playing the right song, after 1-2 seconds writes "indexing device", then stops playing. I can manually go to the "browse" menu, choose whatever I want, and play it again.
Remaining 10% times it starts right with the first song on the SD card, with the same "indexing device" notice.

Another bug is the "back" behaviour in the list of folders on the SD card:
If I select folder (say "Madonna") and get list of sub-folders, and press on the back arrow instead of entering one of the sub-folder, I should get to the list of all top-level folders ("Madonna" is one of them). instead of that I get main list with "Music" and "Browse" entries.

Didn't try it with USB, but with SD card the behavior is broken.

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I noticed that too with the Ipod menu....

but I think I caught another method of backing out when the wife was doing her passenger duties.... will have to test it tmo...

we have the nav sd card in.... too bad as we have 1000 songs on sd cards from the audi that had two active sd slots...
does this thing have to index every time you restart ?

do we not have a hard drive we can import songs onto - my 2012 f250 has that ?!?

Mine starts playing the first file on the usb about 10% of the time that I start the car. Also indexes each time.

Not to hijack your thread but did anyone else notice that now when you are moving the nearby restaurants, etc. are no longer searchable.

I think we need a thread to show things that Ford didn't tell us were changed!

fix your indexing problem and that should fix everything. If it reindexes it loses its place.

1.) Wait until after it says its finished indexing and then go into the settings menu and have it rebuild the index manually. Sometimes when it does it upon startup it doesn't index properly.

2.) if that doesn't solve it, download a mp3 tag editor and remove ALL tags from your files except artist, album, song title, genre, and album art. Make sure the compilation check box is unchecked.

3.) make your USB a flat file structure - ie put all your music in the root folder on the drive and name your files short filenames with no special characters. This will help sync index faster.

Finally, to speed up indexing, pause playback while it indexes.

As part of another problem solving they did "something" - at least master reset, and the problem is gone. Everything indexes and plays just like before.