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MFT/SYNC/Nav issues

Jon M

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January 12, 2017
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Mount Pleasant, SC
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2015 Explorer XLT
I'm currently running the 3.8 version of the software, and I'm having some issues. The dealer can't replicate, and there are no codes, so despite pics and video of the issues, they 'can't' do anything.

The issues are: Nav sometimes takes a very long time to finish "calculating" the route. I've made drives where I actually get there, and I'm in the middle of parking when it suddenly says "you've arrived at your destination". Yeah, thanks, I know. I'm talking 8-10 minutes of drive time, with it "calculating" the whole time.

It sometimes shows me off route, like Wednesday, where it showed me crossing the river in the water, instead of on the bridge, or driving on the interstate, and it will show a straight line along side it instead.

I've also had issues where the words on the bottom of the right side cluster display, in nav mode, will have words superimposed on top of each other.

I've had random issues with the A/C changing settings, like it will be on Auto when I shut the engine off, and no be on Auto when I turn it back on, or the A/C or recirc will be randomly turn off. The shop foreman at the dealer said that the memory power for those settings is controlled by the BCM, and if it things the battery is too low, it won't provide power, or something like that. (I put a new battery in it a few weeks ago).

I've also had the black screen with "performing system maintenance", audio will start and the screen will stay black for 10 or 15 seconds. A couple of times I shut it off with it on Sirius, only to have it start up with the USB drive.

I've done a master reset, and so did the dealer. I replaced the battery. After both of those things, there were no issues for a couple of weeks, but then, it can also go a couple of weeks without issues anyway.

So, anyone have any thoughts? They're telling me that if they can't duplicate it, and it's not throwing any codes, there's nothing they can do.