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MFT trouble dialing using iOS 13


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January 11, 2012
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Cedar Rapids, IA
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2012 Explorer Limited
I did a search but didn't find anyone else posting about this....

Last night I updated my iPhone firmware with iOS 13. Today while driving I attempted to use MTF to call my wife. I used the same phrase I've used for years. After hitting the Sync button I said, "Call *wifes name* on cell."

Sync replied and said "No cell number found. Would you like to call on other?" Not knowing what number might be stored as "other" I said no. Without prompting I heard the Sync prompt again so I voiced "Call *wife's name* at work". That is another phrase I've used hundreds of times without issue. But Sync told me again "No work number found, would you like to call on other?"

What is strange is if I simple say "Call *wifes name*", both her cell and work number show up on the screen as call options. I checked my wife's contact in my phone and everything is the same. The Bluetooth option has "Sync contact" turned on.

Has anyone else experienced this? Did Apple break Sync?


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May 17, 2012
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2013 Explorer XLT
I had the same problem and found that updating my MFT software to 3.10 fixed it.