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Michigan Explorers?

Hey guys... been on the site for a little bit here and I've seen a few guys from around the area but was curious as to how many owners there were in the metro Detroit area. Also how many of you guys would be interested in getting together for some mud throwing some time as a group. I think this site is great and so far everyone on it seems to be pretty cool. Let me know.

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I'm in the Detroit Area (Commerce Township), that is out around the Novi area (I96).

I just got a 2004 XLT in Dec....not sure if I would take it through the mud but I would like to know where some good trails in this area are. I found one that is fun, but too short.


I live in Richmond, MI (30 min from port huron, right next to marysville)
and go to school in Houghton, MI

Hey Modette sorry I wasn't notified you responded. Well I used to know some places in that area to do some short wheeling. Like off of Wise road just north of Carol Lk. Rd., but now there are houses there. Launched my '81 Granada back there and lived to tell the tale. I had alot of friends that lived over there too! But thats still not too far from me and just north of here is Mt. Morris. It's not real ruff out there I hear.
Electrohacker I work with some people that live in Richmond. I've been out to their place once but couldn't tell you how to get there anymore, lol. Alot of old farms out that way.
I would like to restate too that if everyone would like to get together for whatever (mud slingin', B.S.'ing, cookout, just to let our trucks look at each other). Just write me and lets get something going.

kind of off thread, but im in houghton michigan right now for the SAE (society of automotive engineers) clean snowmobile challenge competition. if anyone is around michigan tech, you guys should stop by the KRC testing center and check out some of the snowmobiles we have.

i'm jsut north of you, up in Grand Blanc. Right now my X is ooc till I can decide what to do with it. I'll keep in touch, expecially if I ever get my X up the way i want it.

BTW how old is your kid?

I have an almost 2 year old.

wish I had read that sooner I'm at mighigan tech

He Wingnut I have more than one. They range in age from 19mo.to six. Well check out the "whoops" forum and you'll see some of the fun I had this past weekend. This was with a stock "x" and some 30" tires. It was a blast. So you dont need much to have fun in your Explorer. :)