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Michigan Silver Lake Sand Dunes, April 28-30


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May 31, 1999
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98 ExSport, '00 F-150
Just wanted to invite everyone for a trip to Silver lake Sand Dunes on April the 28th. We've got a few F-150s and Rangers going from FordTruckWorld's Michigan chapter, so I figure's I'd see if anyone was interested in going with us.

We're all staying at Silver Lake State Park.... Sites are cheap and the water should be on by then (weather-permitting). We're trying to take over the southwest corner of the campground, so make your reservation early.

Hope to see some of you there!


i would really like to meet up with you guys at silver, but uinfortantly i am taking the weekend before that off to go up to houghton and higgins lakes to do some wheelin with a bunch of buddies,

i will keep this in mind, i want to make it up there sometime this spring....maybe this weekend or the weekend after i graduate :D