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Microfiber Inserts


October 25, 2007
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Hi guys, I have an '06 Mountaineer with black leather and cream microfiber inserts. Horrible with the kids. Anybody have these seats? How do you clean them without screwing them up? Tried on a couple spots with an auto store upolstery cleaner and it is not working well. Looks like the microfiber is starting to break down where I cleaned it. At this point, I am thinking of simply having to replace the seat covers.


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I have the same style seats in tan and don't like them. They stain easily. Try StainLifter 1. Gets rid of stains without scrubbing too much. I've been thinking about some seat covers as well.

That material ranks as probably the worst fabric known to man. Why Ford saw fit to use it for upholstery is beyond comprehension.
Material like this really cannot be spot cleaned to any satisfaction. You will have to clean the entire area evenly so it dries evenly. I cleaned upholstery profesionally for a number of years and ideally you should whip up a lather of your fav laundry detergent and use just the suds. Anyone who has ever tried this method knows it is not very effective.
Bottom line... seatcovers. Even better, complete reupholstering in a more practical fabric.

Hey guys, thanks for the reponse. If lifter 1 doesn't work then I will think covers or replacements.

Yep- it's as bad as the fabric in the 2004-2005 F-150. Water leaves stains. Every time I had a water splash or something, I had the spray and wash the entire seat with Tuff Stuff. Total PITA.