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Mid AZ run in late April...who's in?


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December 2, 2009
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91 Explorer XLT
Been thinking of taking a weekend off and going down to the Sedona, Cottonwood/Jerome, and Prescott area to do some wheeling, maybe some hiking and camping. There are tons of trails around the area, and I want to take advantage of being out here with my rig and around all of you fine folk in the grand state of Arizona before I move back to Ohio. I'm not real good at planning as I'm more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants and go-with-the-flow kind of guy, but I've been looking into trails in the areas and am planning on going at some point.

Trails in Sedona:
Easy - Schnebly Hill Road (does have a rockier "jeep trail" and great dispersed camping areas)
Moderate - Outlaw Trail, Greasy Spoon, Devils Bridge/Van Deren Cabin
Difficult - Soldier Pass, Broken Arrow, Oak Creek Homestead, Red Rock Powerline

Moderate - House Mountain, Blue Monster, Mingus Mountain, Woodchute Trail
Difficult - Smiley Rock, Horseshoe Canyon

Prescott/Black Canyon City:
Easy - Senator Highway/Crown King Road, Bloody Basin Road
Moderate - Black Canyon City Overlook, China Dam/Fort Tule, Tip Top Mine, New River, Big Maggie May Creek
Difficult - Desoto Mine, Turkey Creek, Backway to Crown King, Black Canyon Creek, Terminator, Crapshoot

All these trails and their ratings I'm getting from the book Guide to AZ Backroads and 4-Wheel-Drive Trails. I've been on most of the Sedona trails already (when the Explorer was stock) other than the difficult ones. I did run Soldiers Pass (again, stock) and found it to be more moderate than difficult, but I'll stick with the books idea on the ratings I'm also not a real big campsite kind of guy, and just pitch a tent where dispersed camping is permitted (aka, no facilities), but there are plenty of campsites around.

I was thinking of one of the last two weekends in April, the 17th-19th (Friday-Sunday) or 24th-26th (Friday-Sunday). I will be going at some point in late March/early April to camp and hike (and wheel) with a few of my coworkers, but thought that it'd be cool to have a run (other than Moab) with some of the forum members.

Let me know if you're interested, which areas and trails you'd like to hit, what days you can make it, and we'll take it from there! :D

Now that's what I'm talking about! Some AZ wheel'n.

I've not done any wheel'n in that area, except some hunting action around Bagdad.

Either weekend works for me. Just need to request time off as work has me on duty Saturdays.

Plan to do the James Duff TTB kit and rear SOA next month so hopefully that will be in without incident and ready to go for a test.

There's a strong chance I'll be flying to Virginia for my sisters college graduation over the last weekend of April, so I'm deciding that this trip will be the 17th-19th.

Well, so far it looks like it's just the two of us...any other takers?

Chances are that the areas wheeled and camped in will be the Jerome area, unless others would rather go somewhere else...