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mig or arc welder? need help


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July 28, 2009
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i finally realized that i need to invest in a welding machine. ive been reading alot about them but im still stuck between the two, from what ive read arc welds seem to be stronger and the machines cheaper, but the mig makes cleaner welds and are easier to use as well are easier to use to weld aluminum. ive read that the arc can weld aluminum but is tricky and requires certain electrodes. i would like to not have a big bottle of gas laying around which makes me like the arc but the mig sounds like a better machine. i also read about mig welders that do not use gas, how good are these and how do they work. i need help making a decision and need any general info i can get. any info at all is greatly appreciated thx.


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January 14, 2001
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Do you have access to 220 volt outlet? I would get a 220v mig. It can do pretty much anything you need welded automotive. The same machine can be used with or without gas. Just swap the tips and drive rollers depending on wire size. The welds are much cleaner with gas though. Only the really large 220v mig welders can do aluminum. Even then you need a spool gun as well.

I have a lincoln 175 which is 220 volt. It has been plenty for building trucks. I had a 110 machine before and it worked but I hit the duty cycle alot with it. I would like to pick up a 220 volt stick welder for when need the extra power when building things out of 3/8" plus steel. A 110 wire feed would be nice as a side welder cause you can use it anywhere.