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Mike's '97 Explorer!!

Hey Everybody!!

I'm Mike, and I'm from Portland, Oregon. I've been Elite for a while now(got in on the 4 year deal thing...), but realized I haven't made my registry yet.

I picked up my '97 in May from one of my best friends(his parents owned it since new, then he had it for a couple years). I've got a pretty complete history on it, and it runs really well. It's got the 4.0 SOHC, 5r55, control-trac 4x4, and 180k miles(had 170k when i bought it). To the best of my knowledge, it's all original....gets me where I need to go, and I've actually become pretty attached to it. I attached some pics to this, hopefully they turn out. My plans for the Explorer are pretty long term, and I still haven't decided what all i want to do, so any ideas are welcome!

Pic 1- there's my mug from this summer!!

Pic 2- Last time I washed it....:) I've also painted the pillars since then. Can't see it too well, but they were all pretty sun-faded.


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    digi cam stuff 274.JPG
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