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Miles to E on cluster


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October 14, 2020
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Burleson, TX
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2005 Ford Explorer
I have a 2005 Ford Explorer. A month ago, I was idling and all of a sudden my gas gauge went below E and the messge center showed "---Miles to E". It usually shows 100 Miles to E, but this has the dashes instead of numbers. I pulled over at a gas station and put some gas in it. It was not low on gas and only took $10.00
I had the diagnostics run, and it showed fuel sensor and pump. So we had the fuel pump, injector and sensor changed. Well, it ran for 3 days just fine, and then the gauge went below E and ---Miles to E again. So, the mechanic pulled a cluster from another explorer to see if it would fix the issue. Well, I picked it up today and even with the different cluster it shows the same thing. Any ideas on what this is?

Well the instrument cluster gets most of its info from the engine computer.
First I would connect a scan tool and see what the ECM is reading for fuel level. If the ECM sees what the dash is reading then I would suspect it is a connection issue between the ECM and the fuel sender. If rust is an issue in your area then grounds would be another good place to look.