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Military 101/Off Road Adventure Trailer


Well after a few years of wanting one of those military trailers that you see in the WW2 flics being towed behind a jeep, I finally got one. Not that particular one which is the M416 but one that I like better, the later model M101. It's a little larger, plus it's got a flip down tailgate. A lot of surface rust but structurally sound.
Only on spot that is rusted thru. Nothing I can't fix.


8' long 5' 5" wide with a Pintal hitch. You know it's tuff when you see the name Rockwell on that large jack in the corner. There's two of them but I'll use some lighter ones. Not going th throw away though.


The bed and frame are in great shape. Check out the leaf pack. Trailer rated at 3/4 ton.


Only makes sense that it has a military wrap leaf spring at ends. Nice safety feature.


16" rims with military 8 ply tires that are 35" tall :eek: Believe it or not, but there in great shape.
Love the way these trailers sit up so tall when being towed. In fact it may just sit level when hooked up to the Bronco. Of course the trailer will be paint satin black after some major sanding and touching up some spots. Also going to look into one of those Adventure style tents that are made for these Military trailers.


Removed a lot of unnecessary items. I think once it's done it will really compliment the little B2. Even though I don't have tags for it yet, I'll try to post a pic if it hooked up to Samson. Love to have it done for the AFN and Extreme 4x4 shows up in Carlisle this year, but not enough time.


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Need to fix this part of the trailer. It's the front bed rail that's bent back into the bed area about 1-1/2", plus the lip is all bent up.


So what I did was to back the trailer up against an Oak tree and placed the end of the jack on the tree trunk. Then placed an old landscaping post from the jack to the edge of the bed rail. BTW I've used this High Jack for more things then changing tires.


Next was to grab on of the local Middle school boys who constantly come over to get air for the bike tires to help watch as I jacked the handle so I don't push it out too far.


Now it's straight as an arrow. What lip that was not straightened when it was pushed out was fixed by pulling out with a Cresent wrench, then used a dolly and hammer. trailer/GOPR0011_zpsd105edf4.mp4.html
Really good news is that I've got the lights all working.
Dang that engine still sounds good after all these years.
Click on above link for an exclusive sneak preview and crank it up ha ha.
First lights are brake.