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military rules for non-military


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August 17, 2002
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I wholeheartedly agree that taken to extremes anything is bad, especially religion. but you have too many people who have taken it to extremes that religion should be removed period. Obviously the founding fathers didn't believe this to be a good idea. The idea was for america to be a melting pot where all cultures blended into one. Now we have too many people who come here and set up their culture and create "little china's" and so forth. Everyone has forgotten the idea of being one as a nation. Now they all wanna be one by themselves. I love America, but if I stay here it will be out in the woods away from the government and the people who have corrupted it.

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September 18, 2004
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J - I really appreciate your last post. Because of the underlying facts of your expressed sentiments, one can easily recognize the impact one person can have on the direction of this country's social and political development. In my opinion, avowed athesist Madelyn Murray O'Hare is almost singularly responsible for the removal of prayer from all public school functions as she didn't want her son to participate in any such activities. Years after the Supreme Court rendered its decision removing prayer from schools, Ohare's son (the original plaintiff) has said he wished his mother had never done what she did in his name. The same hold true for Jane Doe in the famous Roe v Wade decison in the abortion debate. She truly regrets the impact that decision has had on the counrty and has testified before congress and other bodies, seeking to have that decision modified or overturned.

I haven't quite figured out the quotation function yet so forgive me. Your thought about America becoming a "melting pot where all cultures blended" is an interesting one from both historical and personal perspectives. Ours is a country of immigrants (either forced or voluntary) and there can be no doubt of the economic and social contributions that these immigrants have made over the years. However, if this were an ideal world there would be no need for any American to be a hyphenated citizen.

Over the course of my life I have lived overseas; Germany and India as an Army brat and several places in Latin America as an adult. I've been to real hell holes. These factors perhaps have been the most important part of my overall coontinuing education because I have had the experience of total immersion in different cultures. "Having too many people coming here" is the result of ineffective or "selective immigration enforcement" and the lack of oversight by our elected officials. Even in the face of criminal and civil sanctions EMPLOYERS across this country continue to hire illegal immigrants because they know the odds for prosecution and punishment is near zero.

Assimilation from one culture to another is extremely difficult in terms of human experience. Little Chinas, Little Havana's, and Little Saigon's are examples of this, especially for first generation immigrants but as the population matures it is easier and easier for the ensuing generations to assimilate. Perhaps the best example of a "Little America" was the American community living and working in the Panama Canal Zone. I know many Zonies who lived there for their entire lives and never ventured into the republic because they were uncomfortable, and yet they were the most vociferous in their opposition in returning the canal to Panama. It upset their idllyic lifestyles.

I think you'll find that many immigrants who have become naturalized American citizens are almost universally opposed to illegal immigration for obvious reasons. My wife of many years is originally from Colombia and we married in Bogota in the 70's. You ought to hear her go on about the subject of illegals.

I think I can safely say that we all love America but staying away from government and the people who corrupt it accomplsihes nothing. To the contrary, corruption exists only because good men will not stand up to it and expose it when they recognize it. Our system of governance is constituted of, for and by the people. Staying away from government and the people who have corrupted it only allows corruption to continue and grow and in some cases, thrive. As I said in one of my earlier posts in this thread, get involved in those issues that are of personal concern to you at whatever level of govt and let your appropriate elected officals know how you feel. Write them letters asking specific questions and requesting specific answers - whether its the local school board, the city council, your state legislator, or your member of the House and Senate, or the White House. Don't abdicate your freedom of speech and your right to the redress of greivances - that's exactly what some in power would want you to do.