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June 13, 2001
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Santa Clarita, CA
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'99 Sport 4x4
Here are a few pics of a trip I took in early April to the Miller Jeep trail and Hungry Valley. The forest service said the trail opened for the season the day before and we were the first 4x4's taking it that he heard about. That was confirmed when we got to the top and there was a huge fallen tree blocking the way. We strapped up and broke off pieces until we cleared enough and squeezd by. A full size would have had to do more work.

Had lots more pics of the "tuff" sections and "sizeable for the area water crossings" on the digital but they were all lossed.:(


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Thats a good sized tree. Glad to see you could get it out of the way, instead of having to turn around.

How'd the trail treat you other than the tree?

Well like so many rigs "the rock" on the right side of first climb out of Lockwood left its mark on my paneling, a nice scrape. I need sliders. And my front license plate, as you can see from the pics fell off from a rock in Piru creek. Luckily I found it. I still need to regear, 33's and body lift.

Offroad Stuff

Hmmm. Gotta add a chain saw to the offroad kit!:D

Hey jobunn, what did ya hook onto in front? Tow hooks? Nice pics!

Joe, good to see that that you're out wheeling!

thats what hes doing to that tree people here carry chainsaws

Nice photos Joe. How is the flex in the rear with the OME springs in (now that you've wheeled with them a bit)? Looks like a helluva tree. Is your gash in your moulding on the passenger side, right after your front wheel-well? It looks like a barely visible mark if that is the spot.
Just remember a wise man once said; "Chics dig body damage." :D I am still trying to talk my wife into letting me design some sliders so I can ditch the crappy side-steps I have.

Looking good man.

One good thing about the tree was that it must have died a while ago ago and then just fallen, cause it was brittle and easy to break up.

PghBill, I attached the strap by wrapping it to the jack points on the front axle. I have tow hooks but just need to install them. :o

Hey Becker69, the OME springs are awesome. The flex is about the same as the factory monoleaf. But with the OME's I don't need any swaybars even on the street and the ride is so much more controlled and comfortable offroad. Expensive but you should get 'em.

The "gash" is mostly just the molding so I really wasn't too pissed. And yes it is my first "body damage," aside from the natural pin striping all over the sides of my Ex that everyone who wheels in Southern California knows about.

Ranger X at some point I wanna get down to Los Coyotes with you guys. Maybe after my next mods.