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Minor 5.0 Conversion installation question

What I'll be using: 5.0 + A0D + AA to BW 1354 adapter

Question: Should I pull out the existing transfer case out with the 4.0/A4ld, and attach it to the AOD/5.0 out of the truck,
Should I leave the T-case in the truck, (un-attach from A4ld) and re-attach it to the new AA + AOD when I put it in?

It's just a small question, but wanted to know what the rest of you have done. I was going to pull the T-case w/ the 4.0/A4LD. but wanted to know if their was an easier way.


remove it with the tranny. only way to go, besides it doesnt have a mount to hold it up, its attached to the tranny...

I think it's easier to disconnect the transfer case from the driveshafts and tranny, drop it down, then pull the motor and tranny. Pulling everything together really makes the assembly long and heavy, plus harder to maneuver out. 410Fortune is right, the xfer case has no mount, it is bolted to the tranny.

Do the reverse when installing the 5.0 and AOD, either set the motor and tranny in bolted together or seperately (personal choice), then bolt the xfer case to the adapter on the tranny, reattach both driveshafts, check everything for clearances, then bolt down the motor, then the tranny.

Thanks for the input. I went ahead and pulled the X-case out with the trans and motor. I'll take dogman's advice, and bolt the t-case up after the 5.0 and AOD are installed.